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O NEGRO DO SEU HÁBITO TALAR ABSORVIA E PROLONGAVA A SOMBRA But you can live in the most democratic country on earth, and if you're lazy, obtuse or servile within yourself, you're not free VINO PANE Destiny is the invention of the cowardly, and the resigned.” ― Ignazio Silone, Bread and Wine I, too, in the dregs of my afflictions, have asked myself where is God and why has he abandoned us? Certainly the loudspeakers and bells announcing the new slaughter were not God. Nor were the cannon shots and the bombing of Ethiopian villages of which we read every day in the newspapers. But if one poor man gets up in the middle of the night and writes on the walls of the village with a piece of charcoal or varnish, “Down with the War,” the presence of God is undoubtedly behind that man. QUERES APOSTAR QUE ADIVINHO O TEU NOME? PARA QUÊ? SE ACERTAS É TEMPO PERDIDO PORQUE JÁ O SEI, SE NÃO ACERTAS É UMA MANEIRA ESTÚPIDA DE PASSAR O TEMPO OU DE O PERDER TAMBÉM HÁ MANEIRAS INTELIGANTES DE PERDER O TEMPO MAS ATÉ 2015 NÃO DESCOBRI NENHUMA - QUE TAL VÃO AS COLHEITAS? - MAL....-AQUELE ESPERA UMA BOA SAFRA....PORQUE MENTIU ENTÃO? - PARA NÃO SER VÍTIMA DA INVEJA (OS POVOS DA NOVA GUINÉ E DA NAMÍBIA FAZEM O MESMO É RITUAL AFASTAR A INVEJA E O MAU-OLHADO DE QUE A SORTE VEM ACOMPANHADA

Dictatorship is based on unanimity. It is sufficient for one person to say no and the spell is broken.

Under every dictatorship one man one perfectly ordinary little man who goes on thinking with his own brain is a threat to public order.

The whole of that formidable granite order is imperiled.
Silone’s brand of socialism is not a political ideology but a need to recognize oneself in the destiny of one's neighbor.

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