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ninety miles long, from the island of Chios on the north to the lasian Gulf on the south, and from twenty to thirty miles broad. Above it were the /Eolians, and below it the Dorians, while the high- lands of the interior were inhabited by the native Carians, Phrygians, and Lydians. Ionia contained twelve beautiful cities, and ancient writers tell us that it boasted as many marvels as Greece herself. The climate, according to Herodotus, 1 was the most delightful ih the whole world. The prolific soil was watered by refreshing streams, the valleys teemed with flowers and fruit, the mountains were furnished with groves of timber and precipices of marble. The uneven coast afforded excellent harbours, as well as captivating glimpses of the blue ^Egcan and the rocky islands of the Archipelago. Nor were spiritual asso- ciations wanting to a land peopled by the Hellenes. Divine myths clustered around well and grotto; the fanes of heroes arose by the wayside, and magnificent temples adorned the cities. Miletus in the days of Thalcs was a flourishing metropolis. It was built on a promontory of the Latmian Gulf, beside the mouth of the Meander. Its territory extended from the peninsula of Posidion to the fertile holms of that famous river. The city was walled, as usual in those times, and possessed four ports, one of which was capable of sheltering a fleet of galleys. For the Milesians were a maritime people ; their commerce extended throughout the Mediter- ranean as far as the Pillars of Hercules, and they had planted nearly a hundred colonics on the shores of the Euxine and Propontis, of which Abydos and Sinopc are still extant. Their staple export was wool from the highlands of Phrygia ; but the bazaars of the city were filled with hides from the Black Sea, 1 Herodotus, i. 143.

fire kindled by the electrical bottle, when the healths of all the 
famous electricians in England, Holland, France, and Germany 
are to be drunk in electrified bumpers, under the discharge of 
guns from the electric battery? l 

In sending a spark across the Schuylkill rivcr ; the 

circuit was completed by a wire stretched over the 

water at the ferry. One end of it was connected to 

the outer coating of a Lcydcn jar, the other to a metal 

spoon containing a little spirits. The inner coating 

of the jar was connected through a post with the 

water, and the spark was directed to the spirits by a 

metal point communicating with the water. Dr. 

Watson, in London, had also administered ' shocks ' 

to people across the Thames at old Westminster 

Bridge by a similar arrangement. But neither he nor 

the ingenious Franklin, whose mind was bent on a 

practical application

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    Asmodeux Da Gama Açeguro totoro tem personagem bíblica? tem personagem bíblica que engole Job ...ou mesmo blow job up but é baleia né ...
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    Asmodeux Da Gama Açeguro inscreva-se no canal da porta dos fundos e veja os cenários merdosos desde o escroto até ao duodeno
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