dimecres, 29 de juny de 2016

O GERADOR MURMUROU NA SUA CABEÇA A normal man would have lain down and died, but to Hugh Valland the task before him seemed simple enough. It was necessary to organize a revolution by a group of primitives against their telepathic overlords; build with the help of those same primitives a spaceship virtually from scratch; contact, via that spaceship, a third group of aliens, and enlist their aid in returning home across the galactic abyss. At worst it would take a lifetime...and Valland's one true love, Mary O'Meara was waiting.

a place between galaxies. There was also some interesting anthropological efforts, at figuring out the culture of a group of psychic creatures that have slowly evolved for tens of millions of years and how that would affect their perspective of themselves. There were definitely some gaps in terms of plot and character development so I wouldn't credit this book as an example of excelling writing

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