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THE INTERNET SECRET - "I was here when you came up; I wanted my football, which was in this closet, and when I heard you coming, I hid myself, I don't know why." For some minutes she seemed to consider and examine me attentively. She then said-- "Can you be discreet?" "Oh, yes, ma'am." "You will never tell any one what you have seen?" "No ma'am." "Well, keep this promise, and I shall try what I can do to reward you. Now, go downstairs." I went to the school-room, but I was greatly agitated, I scarcely knew what I was doing. The scene I had witnessed had complete possession of my thoughts. In years but a boy, the mystery now practically explained to me had awakened all the passions of a man. Instead of studying my lessons, my thoughts wandered to Mrs. B., thrown back on the bed with her fine legs and thighs fully exposed; above all, the sight of the pinky gash, with its fleecy hair at the bottom of her belly, which I had seen for some minutes all open and oozing out the slimy juice that followed the amorous encounter they had been indulging in. It seemed so much more developed than Miss Evelyn's. I felt sure that Miss Evelyn could never take in such a thick long thing as Mr. B. had thrust into his wife, and yet it appeared to go in so easily, and moved about so smoothly, and so evidently to the satisfaction and utmost delight of both, as was proved by their ardent embracings, fond murmurs, and voluptuous movements, especially just before they both ceased together all movement whatever. Then I thought, how delicious it would be to treat Miss Evelyn in the same way, and to revel with my stiff-standing prick in her delicious quim, which in my mind's eye I saw before me as I had viewed in on her rising from the bidet, when I lay hid under the bed. Then I thought of my sister Mary's smaller, although attractive little quim, and I resolved, as that was the easiest to get hold of, to initiate her in all the newly discovered mysteries. I fully determined that my own first lesson, as well as hers, should be taken on her little fat chubby cunt. Then the recollection of its pouting and throbbing lips under the fearful flagellation she had undergone, began to excite me, and made my cock stand stiff and throb again. All the weeks of excitement I had now constantly been under had produced a wonderful effect on my pego, which had become considerably more developed when in a state of erection. As you may suppose, with such distracting thoughts, I did not get on with my lessons. Miss Evelyn, for some reason or other, was out of humour that morning, and more than once spoke crossly to me for my evident inattention. At length she called me to her, and finding that I had scarcely done anything, she said-- "Now, Charles, I give you ten minutes longer to finish that sum, if not done in that time I shall whip you; you are exhibiting the mere spirit of idleness. I do not know what has come over you, but if persisted in, you shall certainly be punished." The idea of the beautiful Miss Evelyn whipping my bare bottom did not tend to calm my excitement, on the contrary, it turned my lewd thoughts upon the beauties of her person, which I had so often furtively gazed upon. It was close upon four o'clock, at which hour we always broke up for a run in the garden for an hour, and during this period I had resolved to begin instructing Mary in the secret mysteries I had so lately been a witness to. But fate had ordered it otherwise, and I was to receive my first practical lesson and be initiated on the person of a riper and more beautiful woman; but of this hereafter. At four o'clock I had done nothing with my task--Miss Evelyn looked grave: "Mary and Eliza, you may go out, Charles will remain here." My sisters, simply imagining that I was kept to finish my lessons, ran into the garden. Miss Evelyn turned the key in the door, opened a cupboard, and withdrew a birch rod neatly tied up with blue ribbons. Now my blood coursed through my veins, and my fingers trembled so that I could hardly hold my pencil. "Put down your slate, Charles, and come to me." I obeyed, and stood before my beautiful governess, with a strange commixture of fear and desire. "Unfasten your braces, and pull down your trousers." I commenced doing this, though but very slowly. Angry at my delay her delicate fingers speedily accomplished the work. My trousers fell to my feet. "Place yourself across my knees." Tremblingly, with the same commixture of feeling, I obeyed. Her silk dress was drawn up to prevent its being creased--my naked flesh pressed against her snowy white petticoats. A delicate perfume of violet and vervain assailed my nerves. As I felt her soft and delicate fingers drawing up my shirt, and passing over my bare posteriors, while the warmth of her pulpy form beneath me penetrated my flesh, nature exerted her power, and my prick began to swell out to a most painful extent. I had but little time, however, to notice this before a rapid succession of the most cruel cuts lacerated my bottom. "Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Oh, Miss Evelyn. I will do the sum if you will only forgive me. Oh, oh, oh, &c." Holding me firmly with her left arm, Miss Evelyn used the rod most unmercifully. At first, the pain was excruciating, and I roared out as loud as I could, but gradually the pain ceased to be so acute, and was succeeded by the most delicious tickling sensation. My struggles at first had been so violent as to greatly disorder Miss Evelyn's petticoats, and to raise them up so as to expose to my delighted eyes her beautifully formed silk-clad legs up to the knees, and even an inch or two of naked thigh above. This, together with the intense tickling irritation communicated to my bottom, as well as to the friction of my cock against the person of Miss Evelyn in my struggles, rendered me almost delirious, and I tossed and pushed myself about on her knees in a state of perfect frenzy as the blows continued to be showered down upon my poor bottom. At last the rod was worn to a stump, and I was pushed off her knees. As I rose before her, with my cheeks streaming with tears, my shirt was jutting out considerably in front in an unmistakeable and most prominent manner, and my prick was at the same time throbbing beneath it with convulsive jerks, which I could by no means restrain. Miss Evelyn glared at the projection in marked astonishment, and her open eyes were fixed upon it as I stood rubbing my bottom and crying, without attempting to move or button up my trousers. She continued for a minute or two to stare at the object of attraction, flushing scarlet up to the forehead, and the she suddenly seemed to recollect herself, drew a heavy breath, and rapidly left room. She did not return until after my sisters came back from the garden, and seemed still confused, and avoided fixing her eye upon me. In two days afterwards, all disagreeable marks of this very severe whipping had disappeared. On the following day we were invited to pass the afternoon at the grange, a beautiful place about two miles from us. The afternoon was fine and warm; we walked there, and arrived about four o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson were in the drawing-room, but at once desired us to go in the garden and amuse ourselves with their three daughters, whom we would find there. We went at once, and found them amusing themselves on a swing. Sophia, the eldest, about nineteen, was swinging a sister about two years younger, a very fine, fully developed young woman. Indeed, all three sisters were finer women and more beautiful than the average of young ladies. Another sister, Agnes, was not seated, but standing on the board between the ropes. Sophia was making both mount as high as possible. They were laughing loudly, when we found them, at the exposure each made--one in advancing, the other retiring. Agnes's light dress of muslin and single petticoat, as she retired and the wind came up from behind, was bulged out in front, and exposed her limbs up to her belly, so that one could see that her mount was already well furnished. The other, in advancing, threw her legs up, and exposed all the underside of her thighs and a part of her bottom, and you could just discern that there was dark hair between the lower thighs and bottom. As they considered me but a child, I was no check to their mirth and sport. On the contrary, the gave me a long rope to pull down the swing when at its highest, and I sat down on the grass in front for greater convenience. The fine limbs and hairy quims exposed freely before me from moment to moment excited my passions. None of them wore more than one petticoat, and they had no drawers, so that when they mounted to the highest point from me, I had the fullest possible view of all. My cock soon rose to a painful extent, which I really believe was noticed and enjoyed by them, I observed, too, that I was an object of attention to Miss Evelyn, who shortly seated herself in the swing, and allowed me to swing her with the end of the rope. I even fancied that she threw up her legs more than was at all necessary; at all events, she naturally, with the strong feelings I had towards her, excited me more than all the rest. We were as merry as could be, and we passed a delightful evening until eight o'clock, when it began to rain. As it continued, and became very heavy, Mr. Robinson ordered out the closed carriage to take us home. It was a brougham, only seated for two. Mary took Eliza on her knee, Miss Evelyn took me upon hers. I know not how it happened, but her lovely arm soom passed round my body as if to hold me on her knee, and her hand fell, apparently by accident, exactly on my cock--the touch was electric. In an instant, my member stood stiff and strong beneath her hand. Still Miss Evelyn, who must have felt the movement going on beneath her fingers, did not remove her hand, but rather seemed to press more upon it. In my boyish ignorance, I imagined she was not aware of what was happening. The motion and jolting of the carriage over rough road caused her hand to rub up and down upon my erected and throbbing member. I was almost beside myself, and to conceal my condition I feigned sleep. I let my head fall on Miss Evelyn's shoulder and neck--she allowed this. Whether she thought I had really fallen asleep I know not, but I was quite sensible that her fingers pressed my swollen and throbbing cock, and I fancied she was measuring its size.

IT'S PORN OF COURSE ......"I feel you, my darling, calling on my instrument for renewed efforts;
he will soon respond."

And, in fact, I felt it swelling and swelling so 
deliciously that I
could not help continuing the interior pressures, although feeling
confusedly ashamed of the notice my husband took of it.

"Don't be afraid, my sweetest love, but give way to whatever your
passions dictate, and thus you will best please me, and give to
yourself double enjoyment. I mean to initiate you into every secret
that the rites of Venus possess, and wish that my loved wife should
become a devoted votary, and I will do my best that she may revel in
all the luxuries of perfect coition."

We completed this course with even greater abandon than before, and I
began to enjoy his embraces beyond anything our imaginations used to
suggest. This time he withdrew and lay down by my side, and taking me
within both his arms, continued his charming endearments. I never slept
that night; I was in a fever of restless excitement. My husband fucked
me five times before he dozed off. Towards morning I tossed and
tumbled, and could not sleep. Daylight soon came, my restlessness had
shaken all the bed clothes off, except a part of the sheet, and turning
towards my husband, I perceived that the sheet stuck up over the lower
part of his body. Curiosity seized me--I looked at him, and saw he was
evidently sleeping. So gently removing the sheet, I beheld the dear
instrument of all my last night's joys as well as pains. You know how
we used to long to see man's cock when we were at school, and how, when
we did sometimes see a boy's limp thing hanging down, we used to wonder
what change would come over it, and how. Well, here was an opportunity
of examining, at my ease, the wonderful curiosity that had so puzzled
us. The last edge of the sheet passing over it touched its ruby head;
it throbbed and pulsated to the view. I was afraid this had awakened
Fred, but no, he slept as sound as ever. So I gently raised myself on
my bottom, and gazed on the dear object I had so longed to see and
feel. There it stood up like a pillar, rather bending towards his
belly: and what surprised me much was to see a dark strongly wrinkled
bag at its roots, with apparently two large balls inside; the hair on
its roots spread in dark mass up to his navel, and beautifully bright
and curling it was. I approached my lips, and made the action of
kissing, without touching it. Whether it felt my warm breath, I know
not, but it actually throbbed a response. What a great big thing it
was, equally long as it was thick, I did not think I could encircle it
with my hand; I longed to try, but was afraid I should waken Fred, and
what would he think of me, I blushed at the very idea; but my passions
became excited, and too strong to resist the temptation. So first lying
gently down again, I very quietly dropped my arm over him and touched
his cock, it throbbed at the touch, but Fred slept on. So raising
myself again, I very gently laid bold of it. It was as much as I could
grasp below the head, but was beyond my grasp at the root; I found it
took three of my hands to measure its length from the root to the nut,
which stood out in all its redness above. I was almost breathless with
excitement, and lost some of my caution. Stooping down, I gently kissed
the ruby head, when, before I knew where I was, it was pushed up into
my mouth, and my husband's voice said--

"Oh, you dear darling creature! how kind of you to waken me so

I was horrified at being discovered; and blushing up to the eyes, I hid
my face in his bosom.

"Do not be ashamed, my angel, it is now as much yours as mine, and have
you not as much right to see, kiss, and handle it? come, don't be

However, I could not face him, and when he tried to raise my head I
turned my back. He seized me round the waist, and, before I knew where
I was, passed a hand between my thighs, and guided his huge cock to the
lips of my cunt, and was in me, I thought further than ever, in a
moment. It is true the previous toying with his instrument had terribly
excited me, and I had felt that my cunt had become very moist, but I
had no idea that anything could be accomplished in that position. I was
most delightfully undeceived, for not only did it feel tighter in it,
but transferring his fingers from guiding his prick, he touched and
played with my clitoris, and produced such excessive lubricity that I
went off and spent with a scream of delight before he was ready; but
continuing with finger and cock to ravish me inside and out, he soon
brought me again to such a pitch of lewdness that I was quite ready to
spend with him when the grand crisis arrived. Nothing could exceed the
pleasure; my internal pressures, he declared, were the most exquisite
he had ever experienced. My clitoris, too, he declared was quite
unique. You remember how it used to stick out when excited as far as
the first thumb joint, and how, when sometimes I played the husband on
your belly, you declared that it actually entered between the lips of
your cunt, rubbed against your smaller development, and gave you great
pleasure, as indeed it gave me. My husband has often examined and
sucked it, and admires it beyond measure. At present he did not
withdraw, declaring that I held him so tight he did not think he could
pull it out if he tried. In fact, it was involuntary on my part, and I
could not help clinging to his dear instrument for the life of me.

Oh, how he fondled and embraced me, making me partially turn my body so
that he might kiss and tongue me, and then suck my bubbies; his busy
finger all the time tickling and frigging my clitoris. I soon felt his
cock swelling so deliciously within me, and he shortly recommenced his
rapturous pushings in and out. We made a long, long bout of it, and I
am sure that I spent twice before joining him at the last moment, when
he died away in a shout of joy that I feared must have been heard by
the servants in the house, who long before this had been on the move.
After this we lay soaking and enjoying it for more than half an hour,
when my husband declared he felt as if a wolf was at his stomach, and
that he must have some breakfast. He got up and quickly dressed,
desiring me to lie still, and he would bring me some breakfast in bed,
and that, while it was getting ready, he would order some warm water to
bathe myself with. I felt his delicacy, and loved him for it. The water
came, I was much refreshed after using it, and got into bed again, but
I felt awfully stiff and done up all that and next day.

My darling husband waited on me himself at breakfast, stimulating me to
eat freely as a means of restoring my lost strength; which he very soon
put to the test again, for he fucked me three times during the day, and
each time he gave me greater pleasure than before. He was just as
active at night. And the whole three weeks we stayed at Leamington, he
never fucked me less than four times a night, declaring that I had
become most perfect in the exercise.

We then came here, our old friend, Mrs. Roberts, having kindly insisted
upon our paying her a long visit Fred has been called away suddenly and
will not return for a month. I am sure you will pity me, as you know my
temperament is too hot to keep chaste so long. You remember Charlie
Roberts; you would consider him a child, but he is not so. One
afternoon Fred followed me into my bedroom, as was usual, and
gamahuched and fucked me on the edge of the bed. I was about to leave
the room after he was gone, when on opening a closet, in which my
dresses were hung, who should I discover but this same Charlie. I was
in a fix.

There was no doubt the lad had seen everything. I spoke kindly to him,
and he promised secrecy. In order to ensure it, I determined to have
his maidenhead. A few days afterwards my husband left me, and the girls
with their mamma and the governess went to town with him, leaving
Charlie to keep me company. I went upstairs with him to the
drawing-room, and seating myself in a low chair, crossed my legs
carelessly, exposing them, and letting the garter and part of the bare
skin of one thigh be visible. The effect was what I expected. I saw
Charlie's eyes fixed on the exposure, he blushed scarlet, and I could
distinctly see his cock swell out under his trousers. In a little while
I had unbuttoned them, and, oh, Carry, would you imagine it, I found he
had the cock of a man. I could scarcely believe my eyes. He is not
quite fifteen, and yet he is almost as large as Fred. Here was a
godsend, indeed! I drew up my petticoats, and the gallant little fellow
instantly fell on his knees, kissed and sucked my cunt. To reward him,
I placed him on his back on the couch, and got on the top of him. I
took his pego into my mouth, and pressed my cunt against his face, we
devoured each other with our luxurious caresses until we both spent
copiously. Nothing was lost, we both greedily swallowed all we could

At home he is looked upon as still a child, and I had little difficulty
in arranging for him to sleep in a little dressing-room adjoining my
bedroom, with which there is a door of communication. He was sent early
to bed, but when I came I found him still awake, expecting me, and I
had the delicious treat of initiating him into the pleasures of
fucking. If you ever wish to enjoy _par excellence_ this pleasure, get
hold of a vigorous boy who has never had a woman. My good fortune threw
into my hands a wonderfully provided youth, whose aptitude, as well as
size and powers, it would be very difficult to match. I had already
given him several lessons in the enrapturing art when we fell asleep,
and now I must mention a little episode, which it would not do to omit.

In the morning I was dreaming of Fred, when I became conscious that
something was entering me. I was in that half-dreaming state when it is
difficult to be quite certain what is happening, but gradually I became
aware that although there was no doubt I was being entered, it was not
in the usual way. My husband had frequently of late pushed his prick up
my bottom-hole, and as he told me that all husbands did so, I could
make no objections. I, therefore, at first took it for granted that
Fred, finding my naked bottom in his lap, could not resist the
temptation of entering it. I, therefore, humoured him, and so moved my
bottom as to facilitate his complete entrance, and began to feel myself
the excitement it occasioned, but as I became wider awake, I gradually
called to mind that Fred had left me, and that Charlie was my
bedfellow. The audacity of the young rogue paralysed me, but his
delicious movements had become too nice for me to think of dislodging
him. He insisted that he was quite unconscious of his mistake, and that
he believed himself buried in the delicious grotto of the night before.
It probably was so, for so perfect an ignoramus as he is, although ever
so apt a scholar in Venus's rites, he could hardly have imagined there
could be any entrance in the smaller orifice. I let him go on, and with
his well hung cock in my bottom, and two or three fingers in my cunt,
he fucked and frigged me most deliciously, until we both spent in an
agony of pleasure. If, Carry, you have not tried this route I strongly
recommend you to do so without delay, but you must be well fucked in
the first instance, to stimulate a desire in those parts, and your
lover must be up to the art of frigging you at the same time, or you
can pass your hand under your belly, and rub your clitoris, which was
the plan I adopted with Charlie, until I taught him the art of rubbing
the clitoris properly. As there is always more excitement when this is
done by a male, it is better to have them when one can, but, _faute de
mieux_--one can do it oneself with much additional lascivious

To give you an instance of the precocious aptitude of this dear little
fellow, I mounted upon him one morning, keeping my body erect, that we
might see the delicious instrument in its action of being engulphed and
then withdrawn, a most exciting pose which I recommend you to try, if
your husband has not already taught it to you. At last, overcome by the
lascivious movements, I sank on his bosom. He pressed my bottom down
with one hand, and with the other embracing the nearer buttock,
introduced his middle finger up the rosy orifice of my bottom, and
frigged me in unison with our ups and downs of fucking, giving me the
most delicious additional sensations.

What do you think of that for a _tyro_? His discretion, too, is
extraordinary. The first night after I sent him to his own bed, he
overslept himself. I had not thought of that, and had not looked into
his little room before descending to breakfast. His sister was sent to
call him. He at once excused himself by saying he had had a bad dream,
she came down and told us. In a few minutes he followed, and in the
most natural way possible, told a tale of fright, declared he had awoke
screaming and afterwards had been so frightened that he could not
sleep, and turning to me in the most natural way, hoped his scream had
not disturbed me. He never came near me, or appeared in any way
attracted by me--a discretion worthy of a man of the world. Oh! my dear
Carry, I shall make a great deal of this boy. We have had several
delicious nights since, and he improves wonderfully. Splendidly as my
husband fucks, Charley already beats him. He is quite as often ready,
indeed, oftener, and it is I that hold him back, but there is something
still so charmingly infantine in his way of caressing me, and then the
lascivious idea he is all my own, and that I initiated him in love's
mysteries, adds an inexpressible charm to our lascivious encounters. I
feel that I shall almost regret my husband's return, as it will force
me to give up this delicious indulgence. Not the slightest shadow of
suspicion of our doings is excited in the family, thanks to the very
guarded and admirable conduct of Charlie, which is above all praise.

Write to me soon, my dear Carry, and be sure you are as candid as this
long, long letter is to you, for the life of me I could not make it
shorter. I only hope you will give me one as long, and have as much
delicious intelligence for me. I know you too well to suppose that you
have not found means as I have done, to try what other men are made of,
although you can scarcely have had such wonderful luck as mine. Write
then, and write without reserve. Our mutual affection is too sincere to
allow of any concealment whatever between two such loving and lewd
lascivious friends.

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