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Thomas Blaine awoke in a white bed in a white room, and heard someone say, "He's alive now." 1. Suicide Booths (yes, fans of Futurama, this is where they got the idea). 2. Legalized Hunts, in which a rich person says goodbye to the world by hiring a group of hunters to kill him in an exciting fashion. 3. Beserkers and Murder Pacts (You get to find out about these on your own). 4. Ghosts and the technology to communicate with the dead 5. Zombies and zombie colonies which is wonderfully handled by Sheckley. 6. Hedonism run amok in new and interesting ways. 7. The raging debate between science and religion regarding the afterlife. Then they asked him his name, age and marital status. Yes, that seemed normal enough---but what was this talk about "death trauma"? Thus was Thomas Blaine introduced to the year 2110, where science had discovered the technique of transferring a man's consciousness from one body to another. Where a man's mind could be snatched from the past, when his body was at the point of death, and brought forward into a "host body" in this fantastic future world. But that was only a small part of it. For the future had proved the reality of life after death, and discovered worlds beyond or simultaneous with our own---worlds where, through scientific techniques, a man could live again, in another body, when he died here. And in the process, the reality of ghosts, poltergeists, and zombies was also established. What did it all mean? How had this discovery of what they called the "hereafter" shaped the world of 2110? Thomas Blaine found himself living in a future where the discoveries and techniques imagined by people of his time, while having come about, were completely overwhelmed by discoveries no one had ever dreamed of

Written in 1959, the main plot involves a yacht-designer, Thomas Blaine, who is returning from vacation when he loses control of his car and slams head on into an oncoming vehcle:i
At the moment he knew he was dying. An instant later he knew that he was quickly, commonly, messily, painlessly dead.
Uh…not so fast.
arquitectura oriental domina o mundo 

chineses potência espacial desde Marte em 97

então entraste? isso é a pior coisa toda a gente a perguntar então entraste ? caralho acho que tem um carro novo agora

também o carro tá todo coiso

acho que vou ver os ballet rose (soap opera)

um gajo esfalfa-se e diz quem tu?

o diálogo na realidade destoa do diálogo literário 

mais conciso mais compreensível etc.....

escrita marciana em pedra mas marcianos estão out 

herói diz que vem de plantação de borracha no amazonas para se inserir em 2110 com falsa identidade e ninguém questiona o gajo 

Thomas wakes up in the year 2110 to discover that his mind has been rescued and brought forward into the future where it has been given a new body. The operation was part of a marketing campaign for a company called the Rex Corporation that specializes in reincarnation and life extension procedures.
However, the day after Thomas awakes he learns that the CEO of the company has elected not to proceed with the advertising and that Thomas is free to go. Thomas leaves the hospital and finds himself strolling around New York in the year 2110.
What Thomas finds, and what the rest of the short novel explores, is a society that has proven the existence of life after death. In addition, science has evolved to the point where life can be extended almost indefinitely through the use of body-replacement and similar procedures…but, of course, only for those with the money to pay for the procedure. As one character explains to Thomas,

We got this high-tension energy web. When the body dies, that web should be able to go on existing, like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon. Death is simply the process that hatches the mind from the body. But it doesn't work that way because of the death trauma...Dying is a tremendous psychic shock, and most of the time the energy web gets disrupted, ripped all to hell. It can't pull itself together, it dissipates, and you're completely dead.
It is then explained to Thomas that, through a combination of science application and eastern philosophies such as yoga, the energy web can be strengthened to the point that it survives the death trauma.

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