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a nihilistic society that lives in the present and spurns everything else - planning, thinking, memories and even names. They dance and sing and play music and live only from moment to moment, preferring to speak with music rather than words. They only survive with the help of 'biters'. These are the members of their society that fail to live up to their nihilistic standards and who plan ahead and use words instead of music to communicate. This society soon clashes with the other prominent culture on their version of Earth - this society has a rigid caste structure ruled by rich families and priests who use strange arcane technologies which involve both magic and science mixed together. This society is waging war against many others, including 'heretics' among their own race, and their sprawling city is full of slums and slaves and untouchables, as well as mansions and temples and priests performing convoluted rituals. Where the seasons last for generations, winter is a hard time suited to hard religion. The theocratic Starbridge caste consider themselves virtuous wardens in a sinners' purgatory, reading infant cries and birthmarks to judge the unpunished crimes of previous incarnations. On the battlefield, all but nobility are denied medicine and anaesthetic. Only the Antinomials have endured winter outside this oppressive social system. People without language, eaters of meat, they are being driven from their lands in the north to seek sanctuary against the very belly of their tormentors, in the slums of the great capital city of Charn. Here a Starbridge doctor and a drunken prince begin a dangerous experiment in compassion that will soon demand heavy sacrifices, just as the people brace for spring, with its flammable and suffocating sugar rain

Stranded on the distant planet Tschai, young Adam Reith is the sole survivor of a space mission who discovers the world is inhabited--not only by warring alien cultures, but human slaves as well, taken early in Earth's history. Reith must find a way off planet to warn the Earth of Tschai's deadly existence.

Against a backdrop of baroque cities and haunted wastelands, sumptuous palaces and riotous inns, Reith will encounter deadly wastrels and murderous aliens, dastardly villains and con
niving scoundrels.

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