dimecres, 10 d’agost de 2016

Ishmael, lone survivor of the doomed whaling ship Pequod, falls through a rift in time and space to a future Earth—an Earth of blood-sucking vegetation and a blood-red sun, of barren canyons where once the Pacific Ocean roared. Here too there are whales to hunt—but whales that soar through a dark blue sky....

The Earth has blood-sucking vegetation 

and a blood-red sun, 

there are barren canyons where the Pacific

 Ocean once roared! 

Oceans have nearly evaporated completely

 and man finds himself in air balloons hunting the leviathans of the air. 

However, if Ishmael thought his adventures are over, he has another thing coming, because they take to the heavens in a pursuit of a beast that is more fearsome and deadly than he has ever known… Screw Moby-Dick! Moby-Dick was simply child’s play in comparison to what’s in store

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